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Brain child of award-winning producer, writer + filmmaker, Carolyn McDonald, DigMeVision is a consulting and coaching service for content producers and entities who want to generate effective marketing and compelling storytelling materials, tools and skills for themselves, their projects or businesses. 

Given the multitude of storytelling platforms available today, DigMeVision also helps content creators 'alchemize' their stories into a variety of formats -- from podcasts to limited TV series.

Many screenwriters + filmmakers have the talent to complete a formidable screenplay or indie film; but not everyone understands the necessary package components to secure a buyer, or how to show up in the 10 crucial minutes that determine whether the project ever sees the light of day.

As an active content creator, Carolyn understands both the tangible and non-tangible elements needed to bring a project to life and attract loyal audiences. Having spent over 25 years in the entertainment industry as buyer and creator, and producing and directing digital media for corporations + non-profits the last 8 years, her wealth of experience benefits a wide spectrum of media artists and organizations.

Popular Offerings

Featured Work: "Run"

Starring Grammy-winning Singer/Songwriter Shannon Sanders performing his song "Run", this music video was produced as a sizzle reel for a film about black jockeys. It was directed by Carolyn, and features a quick cameo appearance by her.


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