Reel Pitch Workshops + Webinars


The Reel Pitch Workshop

The moment you begin writing a script, you need to start planning how to present your project to the array of ‘buyers’ — from execs + financiers to donors + distributors — who can help you bring it to fruition or watch faithfully once it’s completed. The Reel Pitch Workshop helps you generate engaging pitch materials, and make your verbal pitch skills more passionate and clear, delivering information. In DigMeVision’s signature 8-hour 3-Part Pitch interactive workshop, you will learn:

~ how to Pitch on the Page, by crafting memorable log lines, synopses, evocative look books, queries & follow-up notes that standout from the avalanche of written correspondence buyers receive everyday


~ how to Pitch on the Screen by to producing 3 types of evocative video reels (Mood, Sizzle, Ask)  that wins followers and supporters. 

~ Whether in an elevator or exec suite, on the phone, at a festival, or ‘money meeting’, you’ll learn how to confidently & passionately pitch your project live

Upon completion of this workshop you will have effective tools & skills to sell yourself and your project on the page, screen and in-person. 

Info on the first live session in Los Angeles coming soon. 

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Semi-Private Reel Pitch Sessions

In these 4-person ‘boutique webinars’, Carolyn works conscientiously with clients to review and revise pitch materials (loglines, synopses, look books, reels, etc.) and critique live pitches. Like in larger live classes, participants in these small intensive sessions benefit from feedback and support from their creative peers. 

Prerequisite: must have aforementioned pitch materials for review, or live project pitch to be critiqued.