Story Alchemy

Reimagining Your Story...

From novels & short stories, films and podcasts, to limited series, feature films and web series, today’s multitude of storytelling platforms allows content creators a plethora of portals to get their stories out to audiences. … And let’s not forget the audio drama, where electronic stories all started – at its height with Orson Wells’ Mercury Theater… 

Carolyn’s Story Alchemy will help creators of all kinds process and techniques to adapt their podcasts to films or TV series, or develop their feature film scripts into audio drama series/podcasts, or their audio drama series/podcasts into feature films or TV series. 

In Story Alchemy’s 4-hour workshop, participants will learn:

 ~ The Anatomy of a Story:

 ~ Character’s Journey (Vogler’s Hero’s Journey),

 ~ Visual to Audio Storytelling & Audio to Visual Storytelling

 ~ Short fiction/Novel to Audio Drama

 ~ Podcast/audio drama to Feature film

 ~ Podcast/audio drama to TV Limited Series

Participants who have a specific project to develop during the course of this class will benefit most from it.

Story Alchemy webinars will begin Saturday, March 16, 2019.

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Semi-Private Story Alchemy Sessions

In these 4-person ‘boutique webinars’, Carolyn works conscientiously with clients through the development process of their existing material from one format to another. Like in larger live classes, participants in these small intensive sessions benefit from feedback and support from their creative peers.